Breaking: Updated Statement on Funding Needs & Resources

Now that the City of Detroit has completed the demolition phase of the project, leaving intact the 1912/23 historic Navin Field portion of Tiger Stadium (approximately Tiger Stadium from first to third base), the The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy seeks public support to provide for the security of the site and other pre-development costs. We now need $69,000 required by the City to provide for security and maintenance of the remaining structure and field.  We are also currently seeking other funds from select donors and foundations for predevelopment expenses necessary to satisfy the requirements of the City of Detroit and to move forward with with the planning of the project.  We are required to make deposits of about $200,000 with the City in the next couple of weeks in order to continue with the project.

Long term funding for the $15M project is ongoing, with $4M in a federal earmark likely available. Additionally, $6M in various tax credits are also likely available for the project and we are pursuing area philanthropic sources. Senator Carl Levin, a strong supporter of our efforts, has been instrumental in obtaining the earmark and has supported this effort in numerous other ways.

If successful, current plans will restore the oldest portion of the Stadium and preserve the historic playing field for use by the public and the youth of Michigan for generations to come. Preservation of the Navin Field configuration will include the original grandstand built in 1912 and the upper deck added in 1923, plus the dugouts, clubhouses and broadcast booth.  Current plans call for a variety of  uses, such as a baseball heritage center, catering, restaurant and other commercial uses and first-class amateur baseball facility with seating for several thousand.

WE NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE SUPPORT OF THIS EFFORT!  Please contribute at or send your check to Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, P.O. Box 141193, Detroit, Michigan  48214. Contributions to the Conservancy are tax-deductible.  If you have questions please email or call 313-784-9306.

Thank you for your support in our efforts to preserve and redevelop this historic baseball site that has been so important to Detroiters for generations.

The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy


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