Video: The Corner

Some great footage from the Stadium is featured in Ben Hassenger’s video for “The Corner.” Check it out!


One response to “Video: The Corner

  1. Just now … I can’t even talk let alone write!
    On my first visit to Brigg’s stadium in the summer of ’55 I’ll never forget seeing my first glimse of the greenest grass I’d even seen as my fellow Cub Scouts (Pack 342) and I emerged from the tunnel in the lower deck in left field.
    Fast forward to 2008, August. Son Matt and I witnessed the horrid ripping and tearing of the right field “porch”. We were in town from Oceanside,CA for the Woodward Dream Cruise.
    Soooooooo many memories. Such a shame, had every opportunity to celebrate a centinnial triple observance with sister parks Wrigley and Fenway. Not to be …… sad, very sad. Thank God for the good times ——– see you in heaven old friend!
    Tom Morofski

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