Keep up to date at our website

The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy’s website now has its own blog, located at See you there!


2 responses to “Keep up to date at our website

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  2. Robert Filgliuzzi

    I just have to say 1 thing, and 1 thing olny, you have to save what ever is left of Old Tiger Stadium, it is what Detroit is about histroy, and you can not replace history.
    I live in Toronto, and I love old building, abut 50 to 60 years ago in Toronto, we had the most detailed bulilding in downtown, and the city gave permission to tare down the buildings to put up the ugliest building you can image. We have had a historical board set up for sometime, and there are somebuilding that can not be torn down. Building that were once old banks have been restored and are now condo, etc, old buildings and part of old stadiums MUST be saved, not for days generation, but for the next generation to come. BE CREATIVE SAVE OLD TIGER STADIUM

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