Crain’s POV

Read this great article by Mary Kramer, who asks the same questions we have been asking about the DEGC’s rush to demo.

So why the rush? The conservancy has been working on the tedious process of getting historic status, tax credits and investors in a project. They only got the historic status on May 1, and that was required in order to make the rest happen.

The other thing that bothers me is reported in Nancy’s story. Rick Ruffner, who started a greeting card company in downtown Detroit called Avanti (you’ve probably seen their humorous cards, featuring photos and clever messages inside), has 100 employees. He sells cards in 20,000 stores in North America and cards globally in 8 languages.

He’s the kind of company Detroit should want to court and keep. Yet in 2007, he wrote the DEGC and said he’d like to take 100,000 square feet in a project that adapted Tiger Stadium. And he said he had 7 other companies, some of them outside the city of Detroit, that would be interested in reviewing that option, too. He never got a response, formal or otherwise.

Read the whole thing here.


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